Packed the Dog

Tuesday 31st of January 2017

We don’t go anywhere without Bear. He’s the first thing we pack. Such a beautiful soul. You’ll no doubt fall for him too as you follow our journey. Hopefully you also get to meet him some day.

23 thoughts on “Packed the Dog

  1. I met bear and yes I’ve fallen for him.

    It was a pleasure to meet you all and magical to see Warrawong again 🙂

    Its fantastic to know our precious Warrawong is now going to be treasured and cared for and reinstated to its former glory and beyond.

    All those hours getting signatures for the Save Warrawong Sanctuary petition now feel worthwhile.
    I was heart broken and angry when Warrawong was closed.
    Will help you in any way I can.
    Thank you for selling everything and coming to SA to reopen Warrawong 🙂

    1. You’re excited!
      Imagine how we feel.
      Warrawong is just an enchanting property.
      We can’t wait to share it with you.

  2. Good luck with it all. Can’t wait to visit. I’ve been a few times over the years and visited just before it closed.

    1. Thanks Dominica.
      We hope to see you soon.
      We’ve been overwhelmed by offers of volunteering, so I think we’ll be ahead of schedule.
      Allow 12 months though.
      We want to do the best we can before ‘show and tell’.

  3. So thrilled that Warrawong will again be filled with enthusiasm, passion and love. Inspiring efforts! You are all little beauty’s (especially Bear – whom I had the pleasure to meet)….btw happy to bear-sit anytime.
    Onwards and upwards.

    1. Thanks Claire.
      Bear is doing a sterling job in charge of Team morale and personal training.
      He’s a born leader.

  4. I worked as a chef there years ago and am so happy that it is getting a new breath of life it was a great part of my life can’t wait to bring my children to c the place I worked and all the new additions well dun

  5. Once again the Adelaide Hills will have that special something to share with our visitors. Can’t wait and I know you are the perfect ones to restore it to its former glory

    1. Thanks Helen. We appreciate your faith in us. If it wasn’t for your hospitality at Cladich Pavilions we may never have found ourselves with the extraordinary opportunity.

  6. I have an invoice to pay but our School no longer makes payment using cheques. Could you please advise your banking details so that I can make payment of inv 0010?

    Kind regards
    Julie Supple

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