Leaving Home: 3574 km to Go

Tuesday 31st of January 2017

Narelle and I own Peel Zoo, in Western Australia. Narelle, in fact started it about 12 years ago, when she converted an derelict bird park into a ‘must see’ boutique Zoo. She practically build the place with her own bare hands. The thing is, we own the business, but we lease the land. So, for the last couple of years we’ve been looking to buy somewhere. We never dreamed that ‘somewhere’ would be in Adelaide.

Our Head Zookeeper, Bronte, informed us that Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary was for sale in May of 2016. She heard about it while attending an Australasian Society of Zookeepers conference in Adelaide earlier that month. Bronte had strong feelings for the sanctuary as a former Adelaide girl, who stayed at the Sanctuary for her school camp. We checked out the ad on the Sexton Glover Watts website and decided to book a flight. We fell in love with the place immediately.

Our offer was accepted, but it took us 7 months to raise the finance. We sold nearly everything we own. That is, Narelle sold nearly everything I own. So be it. What wouldn’t we sacrifice to follow a dream?

We settled on the property on January 6, 2017. On January 31 we are in the car and on our way.

So the journey begins.

6 thoughts on “Leaving Home: 3574 km to Go

  1. Good on you!!!
    My wife and I got married at Warrawong Sanctuary and were very sad to hear it was closed. Thankyou so much and we look forward to bringing our 8 year old daughter to visit and perhaps stay (I guess she will be closer to 9 by then) in the place her Mum and Dad got married and enjoy the animals and beauty of the gullies as we did. we have some lovely images including the white Kangaroos and my wife in her wedding dress etc. etc. etc. Good on yous!!!!

    1. Hi Gregory
      Narelle and I feel really honoured to be charged with the responsibility of resurrecting Warrawong.
      It’s a significant property, and a national treasure.
      We’re glad our work will also mean something to you on a personal level.
      Keep your eye out on Facebook for our “Where are they now” competition.
      We may post a photo of your wedding.

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