Kids in Adelaide are meeting a baby wallaby called Byron

Sunday 11th of March 2018

Meet Byron.

Byron’s a juvenile swamp wallaby who lost his mother to lumpy jaw disease. He came to Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary at just a couple of months old.

But now he’s being seen at schools and birthday parties all over the city – he’s even making appearances at local fairs. But why?

After raising him by hand with a lot of care and attention, Byron is now an ambassador for Warrawong2U, where he gets to meet kids from all over Adelaide!

The good news is, we still have bookings available to meet Byron in March 2018!

Click here to book now, or refer a friend to win a personal meet and greet.
If you have a birthday party coming up, or you’re a teacher looking to add to your student’s appreciation of wildlife, Warrawong2U can come and give a special, unique chance for kids of all ages to meet iconic Australian animals.

Byron is particularly friendly.

Byron-Swamp-Wallaby - Person - Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary

What’s a swamp wallaby?


Swamp wallabies (Wallabia bicolor) were previously found throughout south-eastern South Australia, but have been wiped out due to human activity.

They’re now restricted to the east coast, but are classified as ‘Least Concern’ thanks to steady population numbers.

They are, of course, related to wallabies and kangaroos – all of which are known as Macropods – and we’re proud to be able to introduce Byron to kids across South Australia. He’s a special little guy.


What is Warawong2U?


Warrawong2U is Warrawong’s outreach program, helping to connect people with native wildlife. Kids in particular, but people of all ages, learn a lot from meeting native species in person.

Warrawong2U makes that a possibility, with our expert carers able to adapt meet-and-greets to the audience.

We have gorgeous sugar gliders, a Major Mitchell’s cockatoo and the incredible frill-necked lizard available to bring along. And we think it’s important for people to see these animals in person.

After all, we protect what we love.

Book now or refer a friend!

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