Happy Puppy

Tuesday 31st of January 2017

Bear is just the most beautiful dog in the world. So happy and such great company. He adores Narelle. He’s like her shadow, although he really loves all company. Bear’s sort of a rescue dog. He only came to us by chance. Our other dog, Chase, died of cancer and a week later we re-homed Bear. It wasn’t planned and we actually felt a bit disrespectful of Chase. But, Bear needed a home and our home needed a dog. It was meant to be. A house just isn’t a home without a pet. You’d think we’d have enough ‘pets’ owning a Zoo. It’s not the same though. Bear, and Chase, are family.

3 thoughts on “Happy Puppy

  1. How gorgeous. Having rehomed and rescued two four legged members of our family, I completely understand. Look forward to meeting Bear at Warrawong.

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