Climbing the Walls

Tuesday 31st of January 2017

This is our 18 year old son Josh. He’s a beautiful boy. There’s a lot to love about him, but his attention span is not necessarily his best feature. At least he knows how to entertain himself. Some others too, perhaps.

12 thoughts on “Climbing the Walls

  1. Hi i used to be a shareholder (no worries i just think of it as a donation to a worthy cause). Anyway, i have been there as a visitor numerous times…often helped out as a parent on school overnight camps and for day excursions and took international students, interstate and overseas tourists there…i would be happy to help in any way…i expect that would be with weeding ?but i am also a primary school teacher -mental health worker and a local singer songwriter /musician with a solo abd folky band so can provide music at the venue if you ever need that kind of thing. Maybe it will be used as aN outdoor wedding venue one day too? Certainlt hope the camping options go ahead again cos i would love to get a chance to hire that or go on sunset -nocturnal tours! well done to you,so glad warrawong will live again.

    1. Hi Claire
      We intend to bring back all of the offerings you mentioned and more.
      I’ll send you an email about volunteering.
      As you already realise, we could really do with a hand getting the weeds under control.
      However, we now have about 40 volunteers, so we;ll get Warrawong ship-shape in no time.

  2. Oh yes. I was a stockholder also. It was my first dabble in the stock market. And you’re right, it went to a good cause. It was such a great tourist attraction. It was difficult to get a park during school holidays.

    1. Glad you have some fond memories of the place.
      The car park is a bit small though, isn’t it.
      We’ll investigate a solution.

  3. I would love to be a Warrawong ambassador. I am fauna rescue carer and think what you are doing is fantastic!!! I also have a marketing/admin background so would love to come and see what your up to and share the news ????

    1. We’d love to have you as part of the Team.
      We’re up to 34 volunteers, and counting.
      I’ll send you an email.

  4. Fantastic news! My family was just talking about Warrawong the other day, reminiscing about our weekend camping trips there. Loved taking school groups there as well.Good luck guys! Are the platypus still there?

    Counting down the days.

    1. Thanks for your words of support Liz.
      The platypus are still here, as are koalas, wallabies, bandicoots, potoroos…
      You’ll get to see them next year some time.
      We hope you enjoy following our story.

  5. We’re so thrilled Warrawong will live on, and that you guys are doing this as a family! Our son had his 4th birthday at Warrawong and we’ve got so many great memories with all our kids there. We look forward to making some more!

    1. Hi Nina
      Narelle and I are so happy that we’re doing something that means so much to other people.
      We know Warrawong is an icon in conservation.
      What we didn’t know was just how important it is to the people of South Australia.
      We hope to make many friends and many memories for them for a very long time to come.

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