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Tranquility with Activity

Walking through the tranquil environment of Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is a peaceful experience. However, we also provide plenty of opportunities to learn about and engage with our animals.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we’re unable to offer our usual full itinerary of animal handling activities. Nevertheless, we are offering the following opportunities, and attending one of the wildlife shows must be considered essential with any visit to Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Weekend, School, and Public Holiday Activities*
Start Time Activity
11:00am Meet a Python
11:30am Meet our Wildlife (animal of the day)
12:30pm Wildlife Show
3:00pm Meet a Dingo

* All activities and encounters are FREE with your general admission, but they are subject to animal availability and change without notice.

Summer Heat Risk: The Sanctuary is closed on days of 35 degrees Celsius and over.

There’s always a hands-on experience to be had at Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary.