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The future looks extremely bright for Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary. Abandoned in 2013, it was purchased in 2016 by Peel Zoo owners, Narelle and David, from Western Australia. They are steadily resurrecting the Sanctuary, so it surpasses its former glory.

Narelle and David bring with them a passion for conservation education. They call their approach “edu-tainment”.

“Capture their hearts and their minds will follow.”

Through up-close and personal encounters, visitors first learn to love Australian animals. Then they learn to care. This is how to save species at a grass roots level.


Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is a really significant part of Australia’s conservation history. It was founded in 1969 by Dr John Wamsley, when he purchased a 35 acre dairy. John and his wife Proo then surrounded the property with a feral proof fence, eradicated introduced predators, like foxes and cats, built a wetland, revegetated the tired pastures with tens of thousands of trees and shrubs, and restocked the land with Australian native animals. The success was monumental. In 2003, John was named the Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year. The influence of John, Proo, and Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary cannot be overstated. Warrawong is arguably the birthplace of “people power” conservation in Australia.

Visit us and experience for yourself the wonder that is Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary.


Narelle and David sold their home in the jarrah forests of Western Australia and drove over 3000 kilometres in order to save Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary. Their journey is captured in their vlog posts.


Warrawong Wildlife sanctuary is open for business. After being closed since March 31, 2013, Warrawong is finally accessible to its adoring public. The Sanctuary holds a special place in the hearts of so many Australians, and South Australians, in particular. It is now time for the next generation to have the pleasure and privilege of experiencing this unique wildlife sanctuary. See our Book Online page to learn more about the amazing and intimate wildlife experiences now available at Warrawong.

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