Overnight Stays

An overnight stay at Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is the stuff of legends. With so many Australian animals being nocturnal, night time is the right time for experiencing life in the Australian bush.

Protected for over 30 years by the feral proof fence, Warrawong is a stunning oasis for Australian animals. It offers peace and tranquillity for all inhabitants. Warrawong is the perfect environment in which to truly appreciate what it must have been like in Australia 200 years ago. Waking up at the Sanctuary is an experience like no other.

Image displayed is concept only – © Ramada Eco Beach Resort W.A.

All overnight stays at Warrawong include a guided Dusk Tour, where you will see and hear the weird and wonderful residents of this unique Sanctuary.

At the moment, overnight stays at the Sanctuary are only available outside of the Fire Danger Season. While this can change on a yearly basis, due to weather, the Season is generally between October 1 and April 30.

When you do stay at Warrawong, please note, there is a 10pm curfew. The main gates are locked at this time, so overnight guests are asked to ensure they are within the Sanctuary by 10pm. A call-out fee of $110 applies if a staff member is required to enable entry after 10pm.

View all the Warrawong offerings on our Book online page or use the portal on this page to make a booking. Of course, if you’d prefer, you can always call us with your enquiry: +61 8 8423 6030. We’re here to help.

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