Birthday Parties

Wild and Magical

Wild or wizardry, a Warrawong party is something else.

Our starting package is for up to 15 children, plus 2 parents, at $330.
This includes admission, a 45 minute, private, wildlife show, and a 30 minute guided tour.
Additional children and adults will be charged at $15.60

Optional catering for adults and children can be arranged at an additional cost by ordering from our menu.
Kids meals include:
• Ham & cheese toasties, chips and juice: $12.50 per child
• Chicken tenders, chips and juice: $13.50 per child
• Fish & chips and juice: $13.50 per child

Apart from hosted birthday parties, other options include:
*Warrawong 2U – We can bring the wildlife to you with our Warrawong 2U program. A one hour booking is $297.
We can make the session very hands on so the children all have an opportunity to interact with the animals.
As a suggestion, we can present a 1-hour session featuring 6 – 7 native animals.
Animal may include Gimli the Rufous Bettong joey, Penny the Barn Owl, Charlotte our Major Mitchell’s cockatoo, Oliver our 3.5 metre Olive Python and a Ringtail Possum or Squirrel Glider.
Our sessions are interactive and suitable for all age groups as each session can be tailored to suit your needs.

*Visit the Sanctuary and perhaps have coffee or lunch, enjoy a walk and catch a wildlife show.

Contact the Sanctuary for more details.

P: +61 8 8423 6030

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