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Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is a national treasure. It’s the way Australia ought to be.

Our online education site is our way of sharing our lives at the Sanctuary. It's a little educational. It's a lot entertaining. That's edu-tainment.

Founded in 1969, by Dr John Wamsley, and currently owned by Narelle MacPherson and David Cobbold, Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is secured by what is widely regarded as the world’s first feral proof fence. That means all the Australian native animals living at the Sanctuary are safe from cats and foxes. The Sanctuary provides visitors with a glimpse of what the rest of Australia would look like if we eradicated introduced species. In this way, it stands as a beacon of hope for the future.

Conveniently located in the Adelaide Hills, Warrawong is thought to be the home of the only remaining platypus on mainland South Australia. The Sanctuary is also home to an abundance of other wildlife, including koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots… In addition, over 100 species of birds have been sighted at Warrawong. The Sanctuary is the perfect destination for those who wish to see Australian animals in their natural environments.

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary: an iconic and significant part of Australia’s conservation history.

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Upcoming Courses:

Saving the Sanctuary - 102 New Hope

"Saving the Sanctuary", "New Hope", introduces students to the West Australian family that sold their home and Zoo, drove across the Nullarbor Plain, in order to save Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Saving the Sanctuary - 103 Rebirth

"Saving the Sanctuary", "Rebirth" takes viewers behind the scenes to see just what it takes to resurrect an abandoned wildlife sanctuary.

Saving the Sanctuary - 104 Life Returns

"Saving the Sanctuary", "Life Returns" is the final episode in the Save the Sanctuary documentary series. It shows the culmination of an enormous amount of work, which was required to get to the grand opening. However, disaster strikes on the eve, with fatal consequences.

    Available courses

    Saving the Sanctuary - 101: The Beginning

    Saving the Sanctuary - 101: The Beginning

    "Saving the Sanctuary", "The Beginning", is a course designed to introduce people to the history of Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary. This includes its transformation from paddock to paradise.

    The Beginning is a precursor to all other Saving the Sanctuary courses, as it creates the foundation for what is to follow. It is also a stand alone course that provides interesting insights into the creation and operation of a feral-proof, Australian wildlife sanctuary.